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Tips to Downsize Your Home before Moving

Moving is a difficult and tough task. Packing and moving your home set-up entails a lot of time and effort. Besides the physical inputs, financials also play an important role. From packing to loading and moving, every aspect of relocation involves a generous outflow of funds. Understandably, the cost of move is commensurate with distance moved. Therefore, one of the best ways to make your move cost-effective is to downsize your home before moving.

Here are a few worthy tips and ways to downsize your home before moving:

Carry what is working – There may be things in your home that may be broken or damaged and in-effect have no functional value. Assess and re-assess such items and segregate them from the operational and worthy stuff. Selling off such things will save you the packing and moving cost.

Drop the old-fashioned stuff – Garments and accessories that are old-fashioned and do not fit you anymore should be disposed of. Follow the simple rule - if you haven’t used it for a year at a stretch, chances are that you’ll never use it again. Be honest to yourself. It’s not worth spending moving cost for things that you’ll still not use.

Check your space – If you are moving temporarily only to be back after a few months or years, check your space and move the belongings that can easily accommodate in your new house. You can organize a moving sale and sell off whatever you wish not to carry. Else, you can rent a self-storage unit to safely store your belongings. In either case you save yourself from the unnecessary packing and moving cost.

Minimal value, enormous size – Items that are cheap and inexpensive but are too huge in size can be left behind. As moving cost is primarily based on the space occupied, leaving behind huge items that do not cost much can be a prudent call. Once you can land in the new city, you can buy the item afresh.

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