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    Pool Table and Piano Movers Perth

    We at CBD Movers Perth understand that pool table and pianos are heavy and fragile items. It is often observed that many individuals have to cope with either physical damage or damage to their belongings when it comes to moving pianos and pool tables. That is why our experts undergo a distinct big moving accreditation system before moving bigger items.

    Our team of highly trained piano and pool table movers Perth is capable of transporting your heavy items with great safety giving you exceptional customer experience and ensuring the adequate safety of your valuable belongings. 

    We take extra preventive measures to protect during the piano and pool table moving as even a single scratch or slight bump could cause much damage and may render the item unusable. 

    Call our professional piano and pool table removalists in Perth at 1300 585 828

    Pianos and Pool Table Removalists in Perth

    Music enthusiasts often transform their bedrooms into music studios with musical instruments including grand pianos. When they plan to move house, they often end up being in trouble since piano moving isn’t an easy job.

    While moving house, one has to search for professional piano removals service in Perth. It is very risky if one tries to move the piano through DIY. A piano is among those heavy items of the home which can be a reason for headache for the owner. Not only it is hard to move, but it is a delicate and costly item.

    piano removals perth

    Piano Removalists Perth can easily move the piano and can transfer it to your new location. We at CBD Movers Perth are professional piano movers with years of experience in the moving industry. Our professional piano and pool table removals Perth carry out both moving processes efficiently.

    Those who haven’t moved their piano previously should know how difficult it is to move it. From moving to transporting pianos, there is a great sense of care and attention required so that the entire process can be carried out safely without any damage.

    We are experienced Piano removalists in Perth and have successfully moved several pianos both locally and interstate. Whether you are living in the Perth Metropolitan area or any other part of Perth, you can contact us for a free quote.

    Reason for choosing Our Pool Table and Piano Removalists Service in Perth?

    We have highly experienced piano and pool table removalists in Perth who have extensive experience in moving such heavy and valuable items with extreme caution. We chalk out a clear plan beforehand and come with all the required equipment for a safe relocation. That’s why we are the go-to movers for the residents of Perth when they require moving heavy items like pianos and pool tables.

    We provide personalized service and attend to every one of your relocation concerns to ensure a smooth moving experience.

    • We are one of the best removalists in Perth with more than a decade of experience.
    • We accommodate any last-minute piano and pool table removals and also provide additional packing services
    • Our friendly, certified and professional movers in Perth are highly trained to keep your piano and pool table secure throughout the relocation.
    • You can get value for the money spent on our affordable and comprehensive piano and pool table removal services in Perth.
    • We provide complete relocation insurance coverage for your peace of mind.
    • Our movers have prior experience in moving a piano, pool tables, and other specialized and valuable items and therefore are highly equipped to handle them properly.

    How Much Will it Cost for Piano and Pool Table Removals in Perth?

    We provide one of the most budget-friendly removal services in the area who have extensive experience in relocating pianos and pool tables. 

    • To relocate your piano or pool table in Perth or any other areas, we charge $85/hour and provide two professional movers along with it if extra help is available.
    • This charge isn’t inclusive of the trolley which will cost $40 separately. 
    • Please note that the return hours for the relocation is entirely dependent upon the distance.
    • If you have any additional requirements or queries, reach out to us and we will provide a more customized quote accordingly.

    If you are looking for local piano movers in Perth, CBD Movers Perth is here for your help. We provide you with high-quality piano removals service in Perth at very affordable prices. We are famous in Perth as a piano and pool table movers.

    How Our Removals Move Piano & Pool Table in Perth?

    There is no doubt that you love your musical instrument more than anything else. You surely want to get it moved safely from the existing location to a new location without any damage and difficulty. Since it is a big-sized and sensitive product to deal with, it needs experienced hands. We at CBD Movers Perth offer special training to our staff so that they could be able to transport pianos and pool tables effortlessly but effectively. 

    We at CBD Movers are considered the best choice in terms of piano & Pool Table removals in Perth. When you contact us for your piano removal need, we’ll first do a quick inspection regarding your needs. Our team of professional piano movers in Perth will go through every possible point so that you won’t need to worry about the safety of your precious piano. Once the inspection is done, we’ll transport your piano to your said location.

    Just give us a call at 1300 585 828 to let us know your requirements and we will take care of it.

    Book Our Piano & Pool Table Movers In Perth

    CBD Movers Perth moves hundreds of pool tables and pianos every year. With such an exceptional experience, we have been placed on the top list when it comes to hiring piano & pool table movers in Perth. Since we have a team of experienced, highly trained, and skilled movers, we are capable of catering to your needs of moving pianos and pool tables.

    We provide you with options of budget-friendly estimates for your piano & pool table as per the load size. Our price range starts from $75/ – $85/ Pick the right truck and price option to book with us directly.

    Our Happy Customers

    • When I had to move the large piano from my grandfather’s home to mine, I was so anxious. However, the CBD Movers did such a good job at packing and transporting it that I was so relieved and happy.
    • Got my pool table delivered intact by movers from CBD Movers Perth. They did such an amazing job! Will hire them back.
    • The first thing that I was worried about my move was how to relocate my big piano. I was almost sure of getting it damaged but these movers did such a fantastic job! Thank you so much!
    • These movers did an outstanding service at relocating my piano and pool table. Not even a single scratch or dent. Great job, guys! I would love to hire you again.

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