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Common House Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving certainly entails time and effort. But despite putting in the best, there may be situations of failure. Broken and damaged furniture, lost belongings and unwanted delays; the moving experience may be nothing less than a nightmare. While one cannot avoid the damages and loss caused by reasons associated to nature, a lot can be done to avoid human errors and mistakes.

Here is a comprehensive list of house moving mistakes which if avoided can result in a successful and memorable move:

DIY or Professional Cheap Movers Perth – The first and foremost decision to take is whether to move DIY or to hire the services of a professional removal company. Many movers consider it to be a trivial job and prefer to take it up themselves. But in reality, moving is not as much fun and requires great expertise and skill.

Missing out on services – Opting for a professional mover without going through their services is equally damaging. Choose Cheap Movers Perth but ensure that the services are good and come at a competitive rate.

Amateur Packing – Unplanned and unskilled packing invariably damages belongings during transit. Plan in advance and give yourself sufficient time to pack each item deftly. Take an inventory before you get down to packing and get rid of the items you haven’t used for years. This will help you save heavily on moving cost.

Unprofessional Labeling – Wrapping and placing belongings in boxes does not qualify for good packing. Labeling them is important for staying sorted. The ‘fragile’ and ‘keep upwards’ marks are not just indicative for loading and unloading staff, but also makes unpacking easier.

Missing out on valuables completely – Failure to handle valuables separately can prove to be a costly miss. Moving companies cannot be held responsible for expensive items like jewels, gems and important documents. Thus, it is important that these items are packed separately and carried in bag personally.

Not reading-through the insurance details - While taking an insurance cover is important, equally important is to read through the contract and understanding what it actually offers and covers.

Forgetting the survival kit - Think about the things that you are going to need immediately after reaching your destination. Don’t forget to pack them separately and carry them personally. There may be a situation wherein you’ll reach the destination before your movers move your stuff. The survival kit comes in extremely handy.

Not watching the weather - Unless of course it’s an emergency, all moves should be planned and organized during spring and summer. The fall and winters have their own set of issues and these seasons invariably result in unwanted and delays. Missing out on these aspects can result in unsuccessful moves.

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