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We introduce to you – CBD Movers – one of the topmost moving companies in Perth. We are proud of our professional and supreme quality of services. Owing to our infrastructure and our dedication to serving our customers, we are always on top of our game. Hire us and find out why thousands of Australians love our services and choose us every time they have to move.

At CBD Movers, we stick to the basics. We believe in providing safe and reliable relocation services. We provide cost-effective solutions to meet all removals needs of customers including packing, moving, and storage. All of this – without compromising with your time and urgency. We offer both interstate as well as local moving services in and around Perth. We are one of the leading residential and commercial removalists operating throughout Perth. We are available throughout the year, even during the busy seasons. Our services are affordable and convenient for your budget. Hire us and move safely anywhere in Australia!

Looking for Local Movers in Perth to move your heavy items? Search no more!

Your ‘movers near me’ quest should end right here and now! At CBD Movers, we have the right infrastructure and bandwidth to help you move heavy items and furniture. Besides being the leading residential movers, we also help offices and commercial properties to relocate. We employ the appropriate equipment and manpower to ensure that the move unfolds efficiently.

At CBD Movers Perth, we gradually increase our facilities and our abilities to stay ahead than others. We hold all necessary licenses and permits required for a legally compliant move. Each of our removals services in Perth comes with comprehensive transit insurance at the reasonable rates in the market that makes us the most sought removalist in Perth.


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We are Perth’s Beloved Local Movers - Find Out More About CBD Movers Here!

At CBD Movers, we have tons of experience and love what we do. We have performed over 75,000 relocations in the past and are one of the highest-reviewed moving companies in Australia. We manage a huge fleet of moving trucks. Our removalists are trained and licenced for interstate and long-distance relocations. We believe that customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of the service industry. Therefore, we put our heart and soul into making your move pleasant and easy for you!

Our pricing model is based on the number of hours you hire us for. We stick to the best prices in the market and offer genuine and honest consultations as well. At CBD Movers Perth, our experience allows us to give you the solution that you want.

The pricing plans are in accordance with the removalist market standards in Perth. The company conducts a free on-site assessment and gives free quotes to its potential customers. Affordable and reliable in nature, CBD Movers are the go-to removalists in Perth.

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Perth's Most Reliable Moving Company

We have the best moving staff and drivers among the moving companies in Perth. As professional packers and movers, we understand the specific demands of our customers. Therefore, our packages are custom-made and adapt to your exact requirements.

Our range of services is flexible and affordable. You can carouse through the list of everything we offer. Trust us, all the services are conveniently priced. You can request an estimate to get a better understanding of our pricing structure. We do not have any hidden charges in our price quotes. We offer both residential and commercial moving services in Perth. We allocate appropriate resources to your project to make the move fast and safe.

Moving with CBD Movers is secure. For long-distance moves, we have temporary storage facilities that are accessible, well-maintained, and completely safe. You can rent them for other storage purposes as well.

Residential and Commercial Movers and Packers in Perth

Our network partners offer a list of comprehensive and custom removal services to meet various relocation needs of customers.

You may not be fully prepared to move to your new location. Storage solutions allow you space to arange and make your things available as long as you are in transition. So, preparing in advance can avoid harm and loss of your assets. Our full-service move involves packing each of your possessions and moves them safely to the desired place.

Our professional movers will come to your place with packing boxes tape, covers, and foam to pack and secure your items. Specialized solutions are often needed for pianos, art, pool tables and valuable antiques. Our movers create custom packaging solutions and safely maneuver the products on a truck.

Once you arrive at your new place, they’ll uncrate your unique belongings in your new property and set them up for you. Let the experts handle all your pains on a moving day and relax! Our teams of experts and movers have years of industry experience to handle all transfers of multi-residential houses and apartments.

If you have already packed and prepared to go, local or short distances, our movers Perth can finish your move in one afternoon. You can save on the average bill with the hourly billing rates. We are available seven days a week to help with the removalists’ needs in and around Perth. Call us today to make a booking or send us an email, and we will call back to you ASAP.


If you have any moving need, simply call us 24/7 at

CBD Movers: Perth

Hire Movers for a Safe and Reliable House Relocation

We have everything ready for your next house move. Trained moving staff, well-maintained moving trucks, the best equipment, and an awesome customer support team – you cannot go wrong with CBD Movers. Our residential packing and moving services are above par at each stage of the process. We sell packing supplies and offer the best packing services as well. You can hire us for anything related to moving – packing, loading, storage solutions, moving, and more.

If you are worried about your belongings getting damaged during the process, let’s put your worries to rest. We have a qualified team of movers as well as a buffer of talented supervisors. We ensure that all care is taken to move your stuff around. We stick to all safety protocols and standards. Even in the worst-case scenario, if something goes a tad bit wrong, we have liability plans to help you through the move. All in all, our moving services in Perth are worth a taste! Hire us now.


Furniture Packers and Movers Near Me? Search No More

Our dedication to customer service has earned us a solid reputation as trustworthy removalists in Perth. You can benefit from the dependable and secure removal and shipment of your household or commercial belongings thanks to our skilled and amiable movers, affordable costs, and approachable employees.

Our furniture relocation services are conveniently priced. We are accessible and always ready to serve you! We ensure that your prized furniture is safely moved anywhere in Australia. You can check out our hourly furniture removal rates by requesting an estimate. Alternatively, you can give us a call and have a chat with us.

CBD Movers Are Not Limited To Home Removals: Let The Removalists Help You Move Offices As Well

The removalists also offer very-conveniently priced office removal solutions in Perth. The staff is trained and licensed to carry out large scale commercial removal projects. The company also has an extensive fleet of vehicles to help move large pieces of furniture.

Office removals offer very different challenges to the removalists. In order to tackle the problems and complete the removal quickly, the company has a different set of services in the drawer.

  • Packing and unpacking furniture, kitchen items, etc.
  • Removing and rewiring/reinstalling IT infrastructure.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Loading, moving, and unloading costly as well as important items.
  • Office Removals all across Perth as well as removals in and out of Perth.

A Peek Into Our Success Story – How CBD Movers Became Perth’s Number One Moving Company

We started our journey as an excited team of movers and packers in Melbourne. Since then, we have slowly expanded our business, serving customers with dedication and fervor. Our professional and experienced setup is due to these years of service.

We make it a point to serve our offerings at competitive prices. Our hourly charges are both affordable and flexible. We do not hide any additional fees in the price quotations that we send you.

Services Offered by CBD Movers and Packers in Perth

CBD Movers’ services are diverse yet niche. The removalist outfit can handle a small one-bedroom removal as well as a four storey apartment building removal. Not only this, the services expand to office removals as well. In addition to all of this, the company offers:

Residential Movers in Perth

At CBD Movers, we offer a comprehensive solution for moving houses and apartments. Our house moving services in Perth are safe and reliable. You can hire movers for any house size and any volume of items.

Interstate Movers and Packers

We are the best moving company in Perth for long-distance moves. Our interstate moving services are bolstered by our professional staff and a well-maintained fleet. Hire local movers for any kind of interstate move!

Packing and Unpacking Services

We also offer packing and unpacking services at affordable prices. We sell packing supplies and can lend a hand whenever you need help. We can also help you downsize and declutter your house. Hire us now!

Furniture Moving Services

Apart from complete house removals, you can hire us to move just your furniture. We understand that furniture is expensive and hard to move. Any damage is huge. Don’t take any risks, though. Hire CBD Movers.

Our skilled packers and movers are prepared to assist you in moving into your new location.

Contact us and get served by our world class service!


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