Why You Should Never Try DIY When Moving A Piano

Moving with professionals always makes things easy. However, when you are moving with heavy furniture and heavy items such as pianos, it becomes an absolute necessity. There are several reasons why you need to move your piano through movers and packers. We are here to discuss these reasons and try to put the point across the table. Piano removals are now becoming more and more accessible. There are a number of good companies that offer this niche service. Even if you hire decent movers and packers, they can help you move your piano or at least point you in the right direction. 

What makes piano removals even more difficult is when you are moving with your family. Kids, pets, or a large number of items added to the complexity of the removal. This is why you need the help of movers to take you through the entire process. Many movers also suggest temporary storage solutions for heavy items such as pianos and pool tables. These storage units are easy to rent and are spread across Australia. Piano movers in Perth, for example, can help you store your heavy items for as long as you want. 

Fortunately for people in Perth and other major cities, piano movers are easy to hire. There are plenty of options and you can always take your time to choose the one that is right for you. A simple Google search, ‘piano movers near me, can land you to all the highly reviewed companies in your vicinity.  

Anyway, let’s get to the point. This is how piano removalists make house moves easier for you and your family. 

Why you should never try-DIY when moving a Piano

Top Reasons Why You Should Never DIY A Piano Removals  

Moving pianos with the help of movers and packers simply make sense. These heavy items require proper equipment and the right skills to move properly. They are hard to move around and if you live alone, moving them DIY is never an option. A heavy item such as a large bed or a pool table requires at least four people to lift it properly and load it on the dolly or the moving truck. 

Moreover, pianos need to be handled with the help of professionals because: 

  • Pianos are costly items – any loss or damage can lead to a heavy loss. It is also not only about money. Pianos can hold a lot of emotional value for some people. They can be antique pieces and even a small scratch can hurt the owner. It is just better to call in the experts to do the job for you. 
  • Proper equipment is required to lift and move the piano. From sturdy ropes to large dollies, everything has to be handled perfectly. Also, these moving supplies are not easy to purchase. Yes, you can rent them but it will end up being more expensive for you.  
  • A damaged piano is hard to repair. Piano repair companies are expensive and they take a long time to do the job. It is not about being slow or anything too. Piano repairs usually take a while. Even if a single key is missing or damaged, the expenses and the time are just too much.  
  • Large trucks are required to load and move the piano. Ramps are required to slide them on and off these trucks. You can rent these vehicles but again these are expensive. Loading and unloading is again a pain in the back. 

All these problems can be avoided. Just Google ‘movers near me’ and hire the best removalists in your area. As aforementioned, piano movers in Perth are experienced and can do a good job for you. 

You get the help of experienced professionals Piano Removalists

When moving heavy items such as pianos and pool tables, expertise is not enough. Since so many things can go wrong, experience and knowledge are necessary. Seasoned piano movers can fill this void and help you avoid the risks attached to moving pianos. These risks, as mentioned above, are known to the experts. They have all the right tricks up their sleeves to avoid these issues.  

It is not only your piano that is at risk when you move it alone. You can seriously injure yourself while trying to move this heavy instrument. Pianos can weigh anywhere between 300 kgs to 1000 kgs. You will require at least three more people. They have to be physically capable of lifting and moving the piano. If stairs are involved, well – it is better not to talk about such scary things! 

Piano movers know the exact science behind moving these leviathans. They are aware of the disasters that are just waiting to happen. 

Believe it or not – piano removals can make things cheaper for you

If you move your piano on your own, you’ll require the right equipment and supplies. You’ll need to rent a moving truck as well. These things are quite expensive in retail. Even if you have the right connections, the damage risk can turn the tables on you. The eBay option is to outsource this ‘heavy lifting and the ‘headache’ to the people who know what they are doing. In the end, you will end up saving money. 

Piano removalists pack the piano properly

Pianos and other heavy furniture should be properly wrapped in furniture covers or large sheets of cloth. These fabric sheets are then tied up with sturdy ropes. Yes, the corners are also bolstered with foam covers. Different makes of the instrument are also packed differently. The antique pianos have to be properly wrapped in extra layers of padding. The pedals and the keys have to be secured before moving the instrument. There are just too many things to take care of. The solution? Hire the experts and let them take care of the enormous amounts of packing supplies. 

You can sit back and relax

Hiring piano removals for moving pianos or simply hiring movers and packers, in general, comes with a lot of benefits. We have already discussed some of these advantages. However, the biggest upside to all of this is that you can stay stress-free during the entire move. It is not like the piano is the only thing that you have to move. In most cases, you have to move your whole house. One option is to delegate the entire removal to professional movers and packers. Secondly, you can hire experts only for the piano.  

Both these options are situational. One thing that is clear is that piano removals need the help of a professional moving company. Again, it is quite fortunate that cities like Perth have a lot of good piano removal companies. Piano movers in Perth are affordable and can be hired easily via a quick phone call. 

One thing to keep in mind is this. Always book the removal company (especially in Perth and other large cities) in advance. This is because the demand is relatively high during the busy seasons. This implies that good piano removal companies in Perth, etc. during the summers are mostly booked. Plan ahead and book in advance.