11 Interstate Moving Tips That No One Tells You

Interstate moving is like drawing over a board with a permanent marker. The risks involved with interstate moving are much greater than your normal ‘around the block’ removal. The primary reason behind this is the distance. If you miss out on something while packing or loading, it can get really tiresome to get the item after the removal is done. This is why people moving across state borders prefer to hire interstate movers.

Hiring professional interstate movers aside, there are still many things that you can do to make the move much more simple for you. This is why interstate moving companies suggest a few tips that smoothen the entire process.

Interstate Moving

Label and categorise

Although the interstate removalists could do this for you, it is better to pack your own items if you have the time. This is because you can categorize your belongings in a better way. The interstate removalists can only guide you with what kind of packing supplies you will require. They can also lend you a hand. But labeling the boxes on your own will make the unpacking much more simpler.

You can categorize your belongings by which room they will be placed into. You can also categorize them according to the moving boxes – you can place all your pillows and cushions in a single box or multiple boxes labeled ‘pillows’. Similarly, all your china and other fragile items can go in another box. Your interstate movers will help you with this, of course. Talk to them about this – generally, they would suggest you stay while they are packing and supervise the situation.

Jot down everything you own

An inventory is really important. If you are moving without interstate removalists, it is absolutely necessary. It keeps you in charge of the move and lets you keep a track of all your belongings. An inventory also serves as a checklist for when you are packing or unpacking. You can also pull out a trick from the point mentioned before and categorize the items in your inventory.

Interstate moving companies also do this. If you hire one, you will see that they take this very seriously and write everything down. It helps them understand the amount of work they have to do and the kind of resources they’ll have to employ to get the job done.  

Downsize if you can

Over time, you collect many things that lose their value as you continue living in a place. When you get started with your interstate moving preparations, one of the things that can help you a lot is downsizing. It can make the burden of packing and loading much easier. You can even cut down on furniture and large items if it makes monetary sense. Sell the old furniture at a good price and buy a new one at the new place. Interstate moving companies can also help you with downsizing. They can arrange garage sales for you or even help you to sell your stuff online.

Ensure that you have a fixed moving date

Whether you are moving on your own or with the help of interstate removalists, it is important to choose a moving date beforehand. The latter is even more important because the professionals will need to be booked in advance. If you are looking for decent and cheap interstate removalists near you, timing is an important factor. The best removalists are booked way in advance and you will find yourself scrambling to get cheap interstate removalists if you delay the process.

Select a moving date as per your convenience but ensure that you clear up your schedule and inform everyone around you.

Some factors that affect the pricing

Interstate movers charge hourly but the rates are dynamic and change with time. Some of the factors that affect this rate are given below:

  • The time of the year: Holiday seasons are busy and the best and cheap interstate removalists are usually unavailable then.
  • The time of the month: The end of the month is usually more busy for the interstate movers and they charge more during this time.
  • The time of the week: Weekends are naturally more busy and hence more expensive to move on.
  • The availability of removalists: Some cities like Perth and Melbourne have a lot of interstate moving companies. The more the supply, the cheaper the services.
  • As you might have noticed, these prices are all based on demand and supply. The more demand there is, the harder it is to find cheap interstate removalists.

Formulate a budget

After you understand the pricing factors of the industry, you can go ahead and make a budget for your interstate removal. Find out the expenses that are coming your way. Ensure that you consider other expenses as well – apart from the movers and packing supplies. Moving is an expensive time and it is important to understand your limits.

When you should hire interstate movers

It is also good to understand the reality of the situation. Many people, in order to save money, try moving on their own but end up with damaged items or other problems. You might need an interstate mover if:

  • You have lots of heavy furniture.
  • You don’t have proper transportation.
  • You don’t have time to move.
  • You don’t know how to pack.
  • You have lots of items.

These are just a few points – contact the removalists near you to find out how they can help you.

Call in help

Sometimes, there is a middle path that you can take – call in your friends and family to help you out. If one of them has a pickup truck, you can ask them for help or simply borrow the vehicle to move your belongings. The problem with interstate moving is the distance though. This also means that it is time-taking. Make sure that you do not put your close friends through inconvenience when asking for help.

An essentials bag

On the first night at your new house, all you’d want is to lie down and go to sleep – the unpacking can be done later. To make the first night and the following few nights easier for you and your family, make an essentials bag that contains all the necessary supplies for this time. Your phone charge your laptop, medicines, diapers for kids, etc. can all go inside this ‘essentials bag’.

Are you moving with pets?

Moving with pets is challenging – an interstate move ups the difficulty by quite a margin. Well, fret not! Make sure that you:

  • Keep your pets well fed and clean during the process.
  • You can keep them at a friend’s house while the move is going on. Make sure that your pets are comfortable at this new palace and are familiar with their temporary caretaker.
  • Hire interstate movers who offer pet removal services.
  • Define a space for your pets while you are packing and do not interfere with them. Moving can be really stressful for your pets.

Make sure that the move happens in one trip

Finally, it is crucial to optimize the process. Since interstate moves are long distances, it is important to maximize the output. You cannot simply make round trips. Even your interstate removalists would assign the right amount of trucks and moving staff to complete the job in one trip.