12 Packing & Moving Tips To Make House Removals Easier For Everyone

This might seem like the most difficult thing to achieve. For some families in Perth, it might just be impossible. This is because they probably don’t have any prior experience in packing and moving to a different location. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it is probably because you haven’t moved out of your comfort zone or to another city or house yet. You don’t even know whether to go for a professional moving company or not. But this is alright. This blog intends to help you out. Let’s understand a few things that are going to make your move very easy not just for you but for your house removals expert as well. 

First, let’s understand which room is the hardest to pack We have 3 contenders here. These three are the most critical rooms on the list. This includes your kitchen, garage, and your bathroom.

House Removals Tips

1. Let’s Begin With The Kitchen

If you look around your kitchen, you will find numerous items. Some of them are breakable and some of them are durable. You also have your tablecloth, oven mitts, expensive cutlery, durable stainless steel spoons, delicate appliances, and also some of the food items that you want to pack. There is a wide spectrum of items that belong only to your kitchen. This is one room that requires you to invest in a very wide variety of packing materials including boxes, containers, padding, packing tape, and a lot more. It is also one of the most time-consuming rooms that you will ever pack.

2. Don’t Ignore Your Garage

You must ask your moving company whether they are skilled at packing and moving your garage items or not. This is a room that is going to be the source of some of the most difficult equipment to pack. It houses some of the most critical tools that you have used during your entire stay in this house. It also has car batteries, repair tools, machine oil, containers, and various other hardware items as well. Even your lawn mower is right at the entry of the garage. You will need extra planning and a lot of creativity to pack and move your garage equipment and stuff to your new house.

3. Come To Your Bathrooms

Your bathrooms are also one of the most crucial places to clean and move. Your toiletries and all other grooming and cleaning products will be the most difficult to pack and relocate. Also, you are required to clean your bathroom really well if you want to get your hands on your bond money again. It is a whole lot of responsibility when you are packing your bathroom items. You might have to replace certain fittings if they have worn out over the years. There will be certain areas that will have a lot of mould and mildew that you will have to get rid of as well.

Understand What Your Movers Are Not Going To Pack For You

4. Cleaning Supplies

If you want to carry any cleaning supplies such as bleach or any cleaning solutions that might contain any flammable materials, the mover is going to say no. This is because they don’t want any such chemicals to leak out into their vehicle. It is one of the riskiest things to do and therefore they would advise you to transport them in your vehicle only.

5. Fireworks

Your packing and moving company are not going to relocate any fireworks for you because they contain 75% potassium nitrate. Other chemicals are sulphur and charcoal which can be very dangerous, especially when moving in large quantities or with other cargo that you have assigned them to move. Other than this, there can be various elements such as aluminium, magnesium, titanium, and beryllium which can be dangerous to the automobile.

6. Liquor

Your moving company is also going to say no to any liquor bottles that you want to transport to your new location. This is also because liquor laws are going to be different depending on which state you live in and in which state you want to relocate. If there are any expensive bottles of wine or alcohol, unexpected exposure to light, humidity, or extreme temperature might damage them. So it is better that you transport these items to your new house yourself.

7. Food Items

Perishable food items are a big no. If you have any leftovers, it is better to consume them before you move out of your house for good. If there are any open items or non-perishable food items that you want to transfer, you can still find a spot inside your own vehicle for them. Usually, packing and moving companies would avoid moving any food items at all.

8. Scuba Gear

Scuba gear is also a very risky item that many house removals in Perth are not going to take responsibility for. They have pressurized oxygen tanks and it is one of the riskiest items to transport. Even if you do somehow convince your moving company to transport this equipment to your new house, they will charge you a significant amount for the same.

9. Family Heirlooms

Now when it comes to moving your expensive items or probably any antique pieces that have been passed on from generation to generation, the house movers in Perth are going to say no. It is primarily because they don’t want any of your personal items that you have held close to your heart to get damaged. And also, you are in a better position to decide what kind and thickness of padding will be more suitable for your expensive pieces. You can decide whether they should be kept with you in the passenger seat or probably in the back of the trunk of your car. These tiny yet critical decisions are only going to be your call.

Now let’s come to a few things that you can do at least 10 days before moving so that the entire process can be simplified even further

10. Begin By Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Hiring Professional Movers

This is one of the most sensible things to do. You will have to take into consideration:

  • The time is taken to complete the move in both the situations
  • The overall cost of the move whether you choose a professional or not
  • The flexibility of the move in both the situations
  • The speed of house removals in both cases 
  • The availability and the various services that the moving company provides

Remember these factors when it comes to deciding whether you want a professional in the first place or not.

11. Remember To Notify Everyone Of Your Move

Also, remember to send out important notices to all your friends, relatives, and extended family members. Let them know that you are moving to a new location. Update them about your new contact details, if any, and the change of address as well.

12. Donate All Your Unwanted Items

There will be a few pieces of furniture and several belongings that you will not be able to sell off at all in your garage sale. You can always donate those items to the charity of your liking.

Final Thoughts

Now if you look at these considerations as a whole, you will realize that these moving tips get you much closer to understanding what packing and moving in Perth is all about. They are not just ideas and tricks that you can employ. They are a means to imbibe and accept the biggest change that has happened in your life. It is a way to connect with the entire process and understand that this move is going to be for a better future.