Moving to Fremantle: Things to Know Before you Move

Fremantle, WA is a major port city located within the borders of Perth. Apart from the healthcare, Fremantle, or Freo as the locals like to call it, also specializes in retail, logistics, and transport. Job opportunities and an ideal destination for retired life make the city attractive for incoming migration. If you are moving to Freo (Fremantle), here are some things that you absolutely need to know.

A city of culture and arts

Fremantle is a haven for culture and art enthusiasts. The food complements this as well. You will find a huge variety of cuisines with Asian and Italian delicacies available throughout the city. The ‘coffee culture’ is pretty strong too. You can find multiple cafes and coffee shops strewn across Freo. South Terrace, a part of the city, even has a place called the ‘Cappuccino Strip’ – full of outdoor cafes.

The Fremantle Festival is one of the many annual festivals that are organized in the city. The Fremantle Heritage Festival is the one to attend though – with a focus on the area’s rich native history. The Street Arts Festival held around Easter is also an attraction you shouldn’t miss. Fremantle, in general, is a city of museums and galleries. Sundays, therefore, in Freo, are never boring.

Besides everything else, Freo is best known for its music scene. It is home to several artists and musicians. The Acca Dacca’s lead Bon Scott also hails from the city. Several Hollywood films have also been shot and developed here.

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Consider the education infrastructure before you move   

If you are moving to Perth or Fremantle with kids, in particular, education is something that you need to consider. You might, yourself, be a college student or an aspirant looking for a job. Fortunately, moving to Fremantle won’t present you with difficulties in looking for a good school. The city’s educational infrastructure is quite solid. From good primary schools such as the Lance Holt School and Beaconsfield Primary School to secondary education institutions such as the South Fremantle Senior High School, you always have plenty of options.

The educational foundation is further strengthened by universities such as the University of Notre Dame and South Metropolitan TAFE.

Fremantle is a port city with a focus on healthcare

As aforementioned, Freo is best known for its healthcare. The Fremantle Hospital is not only a center for healing but is also a teaching institution.  Healthcare and social assistance employ more than 15% of the city’s population. This solidifies the importance of the hospitals in the city, especially the Fremantle Hospital.

Being a major port city – ‘a gateway to the West’ – Freo is also home to a number of retail and transport companies. Warehousing and logistics are also common domains found here. It will not be hard for you to find decent removalists in Fremantle to help you move – that’s for sure. Perth at large is known for its logistics and transport sector. Freo simply complements this and adds to the ‘use cases’ of Perth.

Fremantle’s climate and weather

Freo has a Mediterranean climate. This means that the city experiences sea breezes and is therefore cooler than areas more inland from Fremantle. The main city of Perth is almost always a few degrees hotter than Freo. The sea breeze is a relieving change and is experienced every day in the afternoon.

The average temperature during the summers is close to 22°C and the record high is 42°C. The winter months – June, July, and August – experience temperatures around 13°C. The record low is, however, close to 2°C.

All in all, the climate of the city is pleasant. Its location by the sea certainly does the city a lot of favors.

Removalists in Fremantle – everything you need to know

If you are looking for a moving company in Perth to help you move to Fremantle, here’s a way forward. You will need to understand your requirements first. For interstate removals to Perth, you might want to look for a moving company near you. Other than that, removalists in Fremantle can help you with any type of local removals.

Removalist prices in Fremantle

Hiring a removalist in Fremantle, Perth is not all that hard. There are plenty of good moving companies available. You do need to understand the pricing factor well though. On average, removals in Perth cost about 80 AUD for half an hour of service. Pricing is rather dynamic and varies from season to season. The demand for removals in Perth affects the costs and one needs to identify the points where they can get cheap local moving services.

Summers are quite busy and therefore expensive to move in. The distance and factors like fuel prices are also important and need to be considered. Finally, you will start things off by requesting estimates for removals. Make sure that you get plenty of options on the table before you make a choice. Compare the alternatives well. Ensure that the estimates are transparent and have no hidden fees or taxes.

The quality of service

Good removalists in Fremantle are the ones who provide the most efficient services. You can find this out by looking for online reviews and by getting references from other people. The quality of service is something that you should never compromise. Moving to Fremantle will require an efficient removal, regardless of the distance. To get a good quality, ensure that you interview the removalists before you hire one.

Ensure that damages are covered

Getting proper removals in general demands that your belongings are covered while under the supervision and responsibility of the removalists. However, it is your job to find a moving company that offers good coverage options. This is a basic requirement that definitely needs to be fulfilled. After all, moving and relocating an entire house means that all your prized belongings are under someone else’s supervision.

Safe and reliable removalists in Fremantle

Last but not the least, you will need to find a moving firm that offers safe and secure removals. The best way to do so is to read reviews and consult others who have recently moved. All removalists ‘guarantee’ the safety of your belongings. However, only the best can deliver on this promise. From your end, all you can do is research well and finally, go for a company with a solid infrastructure.

There are additional services that many removal companies offer. Things like temporary storage solutions and premium removal services can make the move more efficient. To understand what services you need, it is better to compile your requirements in detail. You should make a plan of action and consult the experts as soon as you decide that you have to move.