Your Guide to Hiring Local Removalists You Can Trust

Moving with the help of good removalists makes the entire experience more pleasant and less stressful. There are several advantages to hiring moving house services to get the job done. Apart from getting the job done much more quickly, removalists are expected to ensure that your belongings are safe. However, it is up to you to hire the right removalists to help you move.

Guide to Hiring Local Removalists

How good removalists make moving better

Here are some reasons that point out why a moving company is important for your next move:

  • A removal company gets the job much more quickly. They already have the ‘blueprint’ for a successful move and all they have to do is apply it.
  • They ensure that your belongings are safely moved to the new house. This is important because there are always some fragile items and expensive pieces of furniture that demand extra care.
  • They make the move stress-free for you and your family. You don’t have to worry about packing, buying moving boxes, loading, etc.  

Hiring reliable removalists – a complete guide

The final matter boils down to reliability and security. After all, you want your belongings to be safe and secure. What’s the use of paying packers and movers when your stuff ends up damaged or lost? This is where the factor of reliability comes into play. There are several ways to see whether a moving company is good enough to help you move efficiently and safely. Let’s introduce you to these points and then dive into further details:

  • Experience
  • Online reviews and testimonials
  • Services and quality of service
  • Liability
  • Infrastructure


Experience is one of the most important factors to look for in a removalist. When you hire an experienced moving company, chances are that they will be more reliable and professional. Because of the time they have spent catering to customers, these movers and packers understand what exactly is needed. They know the risks and dangers that come with the job. Therefore, they have mitigation plans and solutions in place to address them.

Experienced removal companies are more capable of offering a better quality of service. They have been in the industry long enough to understand exactly what price points are the best for you. Finally, they know what kind of moving supplies, vans, number of movers, etc. are required to fulfill your house relocation needs.

Online reviews and testimonials

Reliable moving house services are also reached by reading online reviews and testimonials. These are transparent, unbiased, and updated insights into the company’s quality of service. You can read Google reviews or go to forums like Quora for more detailed feedback. All in all, these online reviews allow you to know which companies can be trusted to safely move your prized belongings.

Offline referrals are also a great way to hire reliable movers and packers. In cities like Perth where movers generally have a higher standard of work, you can speak with people you know. They can guide you in hiring the right moving company for your exact demands.  

Services and their quality

The generic ‘man with a van’ and other moving house services do not always present the complete picture. You must be aware of what you are getting when you hire movers and packers to help you move. For example, you don’t want the movers to come up to you and say that you don’t have the packing supplies ready for them. All of these things should be included in their package and their set of solutions.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, it is your responsibility to find removalists who offer the complete package. A complete A to Z solution is what you should look for. Moving companies’ services should include everything you need to quickly and safely move to another house.

Sometimes, during interstate removals, you might require temporary storage units to keep your belongings safe. Only a few removal companies offer this service. If you need temporary storage solutions, make sure that you clear this up in the beginning stages of the discussion.

It is not only what services are offered but also their quality that matters a lot. It is of paramount importance that you understand this beforehand. Apart from online reviews, there are several other ways to gauge the quality of services that the moving company offers. In fact, experience, professionalism, terms of payment and contracts, as well as the infrastructure all play a role here.

Terms of contract and liability clauses

You can only trust a moving company completely if they offer fair and meaningful contract terms. This means that you should be aware of the various terms of the contract. The payment structure, what you are liable for, what the moves are responsible for, etc. should all be considered.

Make sure that you know whether the contract offered is binding or non-binding. Secondly, the payment terms should be convenient for you. Ensure that there are no hidden charges or taxes. Also, it is important to understand which party is responsible in case of loss or damage of items. What if the movers and packers break your decorative glassware or chip your prized coffee table? It is obvious that all of this should be discussed beforehand.

A good removalist is clear on their terms and presents everything to the customer as it is. You know exactly what you are getting into.


The final and one of the most important points is the infrastructure of the company. Reliability and safety are directly proportional to the quality of infrastructure that a removal company has. Removalists in large cities such as Perth are more likely to have good-quality infrastructure. But what exactly does the word ‘infrastructure’ imply?

Infrastructure refers to the number and quality of moving staff that a company has. It also refers to assets such as moving vans, tools and equipment, and management tools. How a company operates using these resources makes up the infrastructure of a company. If your movers and packers follow all the safety standards and use appropriate tools, the chances of damage or loss to your items are less.

The quality of moving vans determines how quickly the move will be done. It is also related to the safety of your belongings. Finally, if a removal company uses good software to manage its operations, they are more likely to be efficient and fast.

All of the above points when mixed together make a reliable and trustworthy moving company. In a city such as Perth, where the standard for removalists Perth is high, look for these qualities in your options.