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The most difficult objects to move are furniture items. These are not only heavy but also made up of delicate materials. Some furniture items are too expensive so you cannot risk damaging them while transit. It really becomes tricky to move good such as sofas, study tables and closets. Only professional movers can handle these tasks.

One also needs specialized packing for them so you should look for top movers and packers in your area. This may cost you few extra bucks but you will be assured that all furniture will be transported safely to new home. This article will give you some tips for moving heavy furniture.

1. Keep an eye on the budget

You definitely do not want to cross the budget you have allocated for the moving. Ask furniture removalists in Perth about estimated costs of moving. It should also include all taxes, packing and service charges. The price totally depends upon the kind of furniture you own. Large sofa sets, wall units, cupboards and desks are going to need extra effort.

2. Ask about size of vehicles

Some goods which have an option to fold or to reassemble into pieces will be most easy to transport. Movers should assess whether the size of storage in their vehicles matches the size of your furniture or not. You should also make sure that you hire companies with big vehicles if you have huge loads.

3. Read reviews about movers

Some movers in Perth are notorious for poor service and damaging goods while transit. You definitely do not wish to hire one of them. Therefore, one should read customer reviews of the movers before picking up one. Internet is the best source to get reviews. You can also ask your friends and family who have opted for such services before.

4. Enquire about hidden charges

Professional movers charge separately for every step. You may notice some unexpected charge on your final bill. It might be anything from extra service charge to show you how to move heavy furniture upstairs or assistance in the same. It can be also dissembling the furniture at your old home. In case they are charging lots of money for this, you can always cut that expenditure by doing it on your own. Mostly good movers in Perth do it free of cost. Even the assembly of furniture at the destination is free.

5. Do not keep large furniture in boxes

Putting the entire sofa or dressing table in box doesn’t mean that your furniture is safe. In fact, it is more vulnerable to damage. Putting these big objects in the box also takes more space during transportation. The professional movers will wrap these things in such a way that its mirrors, glass and other fragile part do not get damage during the transit. You must have realized by now that buying home is so far most easy part of the moving. The most difficult part is to actually safely transport all your previous possession safely to the new home. The process takes days or sometimes weeks. Even after transporting goods to new home, you have to unpack them and keep them at right place.

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