A Complete Guide on How to Book Removals and Storage Services

Removals and storage services is a bustling industry in Australia and especially in places such as Perth and Sydney. These cities are centers of business and commerce and have been at the forefront of development in Australia. Needless to say, the two cities offer more job opportunities than any other place in the country. People move to these places for the job and the high standard of living. Incoming migration rates to Perth reported by removals and storage services suggest that there is an overall increase in the population every year.

This allows moving and storage companies to grow and serve customers with good quality of service. Because of the high demand for these services, there is a lot of competition as well. The responsibility of finding a good moving company rests on the shoulders of the customer. This is why we have decided to go ahead and compile a guide to find the best removals and storage services in Perth as well as the rest of Australia.

Removals and Storage Services

Top reasons why should book removals and storage services

Removal services include everything from packing and moving your belongings to unloading and reinstalling everything at the new place. Along with this, many removalists offer storage services that help customers keep their belongings in a safe space in case the need arises.

Storage services are often used to keep your furniture and other items safe while you don’t have a place to keep them. This means that the storage facilities are built accordingly. They are air conditioned and equipped with CCTV cameras and come in different sizes to suit different needs. Storage units are especially useful when you are moving interstate or if there is some time gap between moving out and moving in.

Booking a moving company in Perth or anywhere else comes with its own set of advantages:

  • Your belongings are moved safely

The biggest reason why people go for professionals instead of moving on their own is security. Moving involves a lot of shifting heavy furniture and fragile items. During this princess, things tend to get damaged, broken, or lost. Professional packers and movers are experienced in maintaining the security and safety of your belongings. Also, they are the appropriate equipment to move your items the way they are meant to be moved. A normal household does not have equipment such as ramps, dollies, sliders, etc. You can obviously rent these but the logistics don’t make sense here. The cheaper and more effective option is hiring professional movers.

  • Moving is less stressful

Moving with professional removals and storage services is way less stressful than moving alone or with the help of amateurs. The last thing that you’d want during this stressful and expensive time is to see things going out of plan and things getting damaged or lost. Professionals guarantee that the move will be successful and quick making the whole experience easy on your mind.

  • Storage solutions are a great addition

A situation may arise during the shifting process when you might need to keep some or all your items in a safe place. Removalist who offer storage solutions are a great option in this case. You can rent storage facilities at different rates based on their size and their location. The pricing is also affected by facilities such as air conditioning, security cameras, etc.

Booking the right removals and storage services

If you are looking for a moving company in Perth or any other urban city in Australia, it is wise to weigh your options and book the one that suits all your requirements. Choosing a good removalists and storage company will take all the burden from your shoulders and let you stay stress free during the entire move.

  • Compare estimates and choose moderately priced removalist

It is a good idea to receive multiple estimates from different companies and compare them to get the best prices. Also, this will give you an idea about the standard pricing of the industry. If possible, meet the companies in person and explain your requirements clearly. Receiving quotes over the phone will just create confusions and will end up in inaccurate estimates.

Another important thing to note is that very cheap service providers should be avoided since there is an almost certain possibility of hidden charges and taxes. If a company is charging way below the standard prices, it should be avoided. There is always a catch and the quality of service is not good as well.

  • Go through online reviews before hiring a removals company

Online reviews on Google and other third party platforms give a clear insight on the quality of service that you should expect from the company. Avoid reviews and testimonials on the official website of the removalists since they are usually biassed. Read through the online reviews and do a little bit of research on what to look for and what to avoid in a removalist.

  • Experience over anything else

Experience is the main quality that you should look for in a removals company. Experienced removalists are aware of the grey areas of the industry and have solutions to solve tricky problems. They are also well equipped with the latest equipment and techniques that help them do their job efficiently and quickly. Experience is even more important than the pricing of the company and we recommend that you should give it priority over anything else.

Removals and storage services Perth

Fortunately, for people living in Perth and other large cities in Australia, there are a lot of options available to you. The quality of service is also superior to places with lower standards of infrastructure. Also, there are good storage facilities in Perth that are equipped with CCTV cameras and are well maintained. Therefore, moving is very simple in Australia now. All you have to do is find good packers and movers who have additional services such as storage units.