45 Important Questions To Ask When Getting Removalist Quotes For Your Next Move

This is one of the most tiring things that you will have to do. If you are planning a move in the coming month or even a few weeks, you should never forget to make a list of the right questions to ask. Of course, the person answering these questions is going to be the moving company you want to hire for the job. Before you invite any removalists quotes, it is absolutely vital to clarify all the doubts in your mind. This is going to give you a lot more objectivity about which company to hire and when to say yes to their offer. Let’s just begin with these questions without any more delay:

Important Questions To Ask When Getting Move

A. Questions About The Company

These questions are important if you want to ensure the authenticity and genuineness of the company you want to work with. Whether it is local removals or interstate removals, you must have absolute clarity about the reputation of the company. After all, you will be handing over your most precious belongings to them.

1. How long have you been in this business?
2. Are you registered with any governing authorities or government bodies?
3. Do you have a Google My Business listing?
4. Are you a full-time moving company or a seasonal entity with temporary employees?
5. Do you have any references that we can get in touch with?
6. If yes, can you provide us with any references for the most recent jobs that you have done within the city?

B. Questions About The Cost Breakdown

These questions are also important because they give you clarity as to what exact amount you will be required to pay for their services. You can create a monthly budget according to the pricing structure of the company. So, yes, if their cost happens to be a little on the higher side, you can start saving for their services a little early on.

7. Is this a binding quote that you have shared with us?
8. Do your removalist quotes include any potential charges, fees, or other expenses?
9. How are you going to charge us for this job?
10. Is it going to be based on the weight of the cargo, the hours you put in, or the number of men required for the job?
11. Please tell us a little about your cancellation policy
12. What are the various payment options that we get?
13. Will there be any situations where the overall cost of the move may increase in the future?
14. What type of insurance coverage do you ideally go for?
15. Do I need any additional coverage?

C. A Few Queries About The Move

These questions are also necessary because they paint a clearer picture in front of you of how the move is going to pan out. Remember to ask them about a proper move plan. It will also shed more light on what you have to do on the big day to make this move a success.

16. Is there a guarantee that the pickup and delivery dates are not going to change?
17. Can you handle those heavy items that I usually get nervous about handling
18. Is there going to be any extra charge if our home office furniture is a little too heavy?
19. Do you also provide piano and antique furniture removal?
20. Are there any packing and unpacking services available with your company?
21. If yes, do you charge extra for those services?
22. Should I expect any assistance from you or your staff members when unpacking my heavy equipment at my new house?
23. How long is the entire packing and unpacking procedure going to take?
24. What if something gets damaged in transit?
25. Is there anything that you do not transport from my old house to my new house?

D. Local Removals Anyone? Make A List Of The Following Questions

Most families tend to forget these questions when they invite removalist quotes for a local move. Do not make the same mistake:

26. Do you levy any extra fees or charges if there are too many stairs in my house?
27. There are a lot of awkward items in my home and they require special care, do you charge extra for them?
28. There might be a few items that are difficult to disassemble and then assemble again; will you help me out with them?
29. Do you come with your own tools or will I have to provide for them?
30. We have a few moving blankets and floor runners in our house, do you need me to buy additional padding material for the house or will you be providing them to me?
31. If there is a basement in my house or a garage that needs to be emptied, are you going to charge extra for that?
32. What if I have to move more than two floors, is there any extra charge for this?
33. Are there any charges that might increase the total expense of moving even though it is a local move?
34. Do all the staff members and men/women working with your company come from local areas within the city?

E. Planning A Long-Distance Move? Let’s Make A List Right Away

Interstate or long-distance moves can be simplified if you are aware of a few critical facts. The following should help you out:

35. How are you going to calculate the estimate for such a long-distance move?
36. Are all your long-distance moves based on the weight of the truck?
37. Is there specific insurance coverage that I should be aware of when hiring you for an interstate move?
38. Are you going to assist me with a labeled inventory of all the items that are to be moved?
39. How long is the entire packing and unpacking procedure going to take?
40. Will you take special care of all the delicate and expensive items that need to be transported to the new city?
41. How are you going to stay connected with me when we both are in transit and on our way to the new city?
42. Are there any discounts or rebates on the total expense if I pay through your preferred method of payment?
43. What is the amount that I have to deposit upfront?
44. Do you offer any storage facilities for overnight stays and cargo protection if the need arises?
45. If yes, are these storage facilities safe and secure enough?


The biggest benefit of knowing exactly what to ask as you invite removalist quotes from the packing and moving company is that you can stay away from any potential scammers. Remember, there are several interstate and local removals professionals in the city that would make an insane number of claims and guarantees. You need to stay away from them at all costs. Make sure that they have a valid permit and license in their name. Also, make it a point to visit their physical office before you hire them for the job. Happy moving!