Think twice before packing and moving these items 

Whether you are going on a trip or relocating your house, packing is always stressful. There is a lot of decision-making that goes into the whole moving process. One has to make decisions like if certain things are to be decluttered or not. There are many concerns also regarding the safe move of some items.

The first step of a successful move is successful packing. If you pack it proficiently, no one can stop you from experiencing a secure moving experience. But all these problems can be solved if you hire professional movers and packers.

Think twice before packing and moving these items
1. Some house movers charge by the weight of the goods. So, it is advisable to pack wisely. Only pack those things that you require. Well, it is not easy to take a call on what all of the goods you need to get rid of. There are emotions attached to some items that may make it difficult for you to make a decision.

Let’s get started with the things that you are clinging on to but you may not require them. Consider the following points and think again.

A. Children’s furniture and old toys

There are many toys in the playroom of our kids that do not play with. We often do not even have a look at all the toys they play with. Children tend to abandon old toys on getting new ones. Thus, start observing which toys and play furniture do not interest your child now. And gift it to other kids.

B. Outgrown or unused clothes

We do not even realise there are clothes in our closets that we have not worn in a long time. There are times when we simply do not want to give it away because of some special memories attached to it. But those outgrown clothes will only add up to the weight of your carriage. You can either give it to those in need or enjoy that heavenly feeling of charity.

C. Old Appliances

Sometimes we have old appliances at home, like washers and dryers or old freezers that we barely use. You can sell it to the local appliance dealer. This will ensure less weight and no damage to the appliances on the way. You can purchase appliances that are up to date with technology. There is also a chance that you will not need to purchase any appliances because they are already included in your new home.

D. Bulky Furniture

There are times when your old furniture does not fit in your new house. It will only add to your carriage weight and cost. It is better to take a floor plan of your new house. This blueprint will give you a fair idea of whether to use your furniture or buy new according to the new house.

E. Old Mattresses

One should change the mattresses regularly. There are usually 8 years that are required to replace your old mattresses. If you feel that your mattresses have become lumpy and worn out, you can donate them. Many companies will deliver you a brand new mattress when you arrive at your new house. As an inauguration gift for your new home, treat yourself to new comfortable mattresses.

2. The next challenge is to decide whether to give complete charge of all the items to the movers and packers or not. There are some things which you should take total charge of by yourself, for instance:

A. Important Documents

When you check that stack of papers lying on your rack, you will find many important documents. There will be tax return forms, leases, mortgage papers, contracts, etc. You cannot afford to lose them. Make sure to carry this stack of papers in the car that you are travelling in. Do not put it in any box that the movers will be taking along.

B. Sentimental objects

Your favourite childhood toy that you used to sleep with, pictures of your loved ones and souvenirs from your favourite vacation are priceless. You cannot afford to lose them. No insurance policy of any moving company can compensate if any damage is caused to them. Thus, you prefer to take such sentimental objects along with you in the car that you are travelling in.

Think twice before you give charge of these things to the moving company.

3. There are some goods that only professional house movers can pack. These goods require special care. You should not try moving or packing them on your own. Think twice before you decide to pack and move these yourself.

A. Complex furniture

Furniture like office chairs, beds, tables, etc. needs to be disassembled and then assembled. There are specific techniques for doing this. It is better to hire professionals for this matter. They will be able to move all the complex furniture securely.

B. “Hard to move” items

Things like pianos, pool tables, etc., need special attention while moving. These items are highly complex to move. Movers in Perth receive special training to move such complex items. Do not even try to juggle the moving and packing of these goods. Hire professionals to prevent any losses later.

Thus, think twice before you mess up with these items.

4. Other than these, some extremely important things that need special attention are:

A. Refrigerator

You can not just plan and load your refrigerator in one night. There is chlorofluorocarbon in the refrigerator. You have to empty the contents of the refrigerator and unplug it for quite a while before you load it. If you decide to do it on the spot, then the water will accumulate and spoil the other essentials. It is not a one-day game. Ask experts to guide you regarding when to unplug it. Think and plan wisely.

B. First-Aid kit

Prepare a first-aid kit that will travel with you in your car. Think wisely while packing this kit. Apart from your diabetes, blood pressure, and thyroid medicines, keep cotton, and ointments for extra safety.

C. Minor Things

There are minor things like keys to the new house, chargers, and face or hair products. You have to keep these things out till the very last moment. There are chances that you may forget these things at the last moment. Thus, if you are making your moving checklist, do not forget to mention these items.

So, these were some of the things that we need to think over twice before packing and moving them.