How To Find The Right Sized Storage During Interstate Moving

An Interstate removal is much more unpredictable than short-distance removal. Sometimes, there may be situations when you’ll require some sort of temporary storage solution. Maybe the new property takes some time to get ready or maybe there is some delay on the house owner’s side. To ensure that your belongings are safe and sound during long-distance removals, interstate removalists offer storage solutions. These storage units are present in all the major cities in Australia. All kinds of removalists, whether cheap or expensive, offer these solutions in cities like Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, etc. 

You can also pursue these storage units without the help of professional interstate removalists although we don’t recommend it. The reason behind this is that professional movers will provide removals and storage facilities at more reasonable pricing. Some of the removalists also have their own facilities and they will include the charges in their removal package only. 

There are certain things that need to be kept in mind in both cases.  

Finding the right-sized storage facility in Australia

The biggest challenge that arises when you are searching for a good facility is understanding what sized storage you’ll need. For this, you have to gauge your requirements and the kind of belongings that you need to store. You might require a specific type of storage unit if you just want to store furniture. For expirable items, you might need air-conditioned storage facilities.  

Climate-controlled storage facilities are the best option for you. They will keep your stuff safe and preserve its lifespan. If you store your items in a mediocre storage unit, they may end up getting damaged.  

The best way to judge which kind of storage unit you require is to list down all the belongings that you need to store. Speak with interstate removalists if they can help you decide. Fortunately, storage units are abundant in the country and easily available. This inventory has multiple benefits – not only will it help you judge the kind of storage unit you require but also be useful when you are double-checking everything after you unpack at your new house.

Why do you need a good interstate removalist to help you out

A good interstate removalist will use their connections to help you get the most appropriate storage facility. Some of the benefits include: 

Safety is priority number one

The sign of a good removalist is that they will move your belongings safely. From the packing phase to the unloading and unpacking, the safety of your items is their first priority. This quality extends to when you ask them to arrange storage facilities as well. Removals and storage facilities provided by good interstate removalists will be safe and under surveillance at all times. Good units are equipped with CCTV cameras and anti-theft alarm systems. They also implement biometric access so that no stone is unturned to keep your belongings safe. 

You can take a step back and relax while the removalists take care of the situation. You can store almost any type of item. These include heavy furniture, fixtures, tools and equipment, electronics, and even sensitive documents. 

They will move your belongings to the removals and storage facilities

Good interstate removalists will transport your items to these storage units. They will of course charge you for this but it is definitely worth it. They use good quality moving boxes and the latest equipment that are standardized. Professional interstate removalists are experienced and understand all the pain points of the customer. This allows them to provide a good quality of service which covers all the important verticals of the removals industry

Interstate removalists can provide customised solutions

Your particular needs are considered by professional companies. These situations are not new for the experienced workforce. They know that the need for storage units may arise under some circumstances. Therefore, they are prepared for it. They provide bespoke packages that are designed for your specific needs.  

When interstate storage solutions are concerned, each and every requirement is unique. Sometimes, you may need to store only a few items. Mini storage units spread across the country are ideal in this situation. Maybe you need a storage unit for antiques. This calls for another specialized storage unit. Only professional interstate packers and movers can help you with these unique situations. 

When you might need a storage unit

There are certain situations that may call for a need for storage units. These include: 

  • Sometimes, interstate moves may take longer than you predicted. This may happen if you have some sudden engagement near your old place. Storage units are ideal if you want to delay the removal for some time. 
  • Interstate removals may take longer than you thought if there is some unprecedented event with the removalists. Maybe you’ll need to cancel the move for the time being. 
  • Sometimes, there are some issues with documentation that can delay the process. 
  • Your new house owner may delay things from his end. Sometimes, the possession is delayed from the owner’s end or the realtors’ end.  
  • People also search for temporary storage solutions in the event of health issues or legal issues.  

Different sizes of storage units

Some of the available storage unit sizes available in Australia are: 

Mini to small-sized

These include sizes that fall somewhere near 1x2m, 1x3m, and 1.5x3m. The first one is similar in size to a cupboard. The second one can be compared to a study nook. The last size is similar to that of a walk-in closet. 


These include 2x3m (close to a bathroom’s size), 3x3m (an average bedroom), and 3x4m (similar to an average-sized dining area) sized units.


Large-sized units include 3x5m, 3x6m, and more than 18-meter squares. These sizes can be compared to garages of varying sizes. 

All in all, it is always better to consult your removalists before renting removals and storage facilities in Australia. Cheap movers are available in all Australian cities, some of which include Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney. Also, there is quite a lot of flexibility in terms of the price range. Some movers such as CBD Movers in Perth offer a wide range of options designed to serve a larger market.