Relocation is a very tough task and not a single professional furniture moving company in Perth can deny this fact.
While packing your household items, it could be quite challenging for your packers and movers Perth to pack all delicate and fragile furniture products for their safe relocation to the new destination.
Particularly, it could be a daunting task for you to pack and move big sized items if you opt to do it by yourself (DIY) without hiring the services of professional furniture movers Perth.
If you are thinking that a DIY option can help you save a substantial sum of money then you may be absolutely wrong in your perception.
Without gaining any professional knowledge, you won’t able to pack your delicate or fragile furniture stuff in the perfect manner that may ultimately cause a major financial loss due to damage of your furniture items during your home relocation.
So, it won’t be a bad idea to hire a professional best and cheap movers Perth who can only ensure you quick, safe, and hassle-free moving but also allow you to move within your allocated budget.

You can definitely consider for opting all your major packing tasks by yourself to minimize your moving cost only if you have learned and tried all needful ways and tricks to pack major furniture products, expertly, for a safe moving.

In this write-up, you will learn some easy ways and tricks to pack your bigger furniture items, like beds and sofas, for damage-free moving and shipping.

Removal and dusting: First, begin to remove covers, linens, and mattresses, etc. from the beds and sofas.
Fold and wrap them within a plastic sheet, and then tie the bundle.
Before starting the packing work, go for dusting and cleaning of your beds and sofas.

Dismantle to reduce the furniture size: Dismantle the arms and legs of sofas and beds in order to reduce the size as possible to make sure their easy and perfect packing.
Instead of packing the whole beds and sofas in boxes, cover them with blank sheets of paper and a coat of bubble wrapper to avoid scratch and damage.
Tie your beds and sofas and finally, they are ready to be moved.

Packing and Finishing: All paint and oil finishing work of furniture should be postponed after reaching the new place.
Also, don’t stick the packing tape directly on the furniture to leave a stain of glue on the furniture.
Ideally, cover them with a paper sheet and then use tape.
In case you are having leather sofas or beds with you, cover them with a bubble wrapper sheet to prevent them from any undue scratches or damage during your home removal process.

By going through all above convenient ways and tricks to pack sofas and beds, you can surely able to move all sorts of small or big furniture stuff safely to the new home.

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