House moving is one strenuous job. Right from selecting the right city, perfect location and the ideal house to packing and moving your belongings to reach there; it entails hard work and effort at every stage. And given the complexity of the job, nearly everyone is overflowing with suggestions to execute a flawless move.

But unfortunately, house moving is not a DIY task.
A novice approach to handle relocation only results in delays and damages. Here are popular house moving myths one needs to counter:


All House Movers Are The Same – It’s definitely not the case.
Established house movers and furniture removalists are well trained and fully equipped to handle house moving jobs.

Local House Movers Are Eligible For Interstate Move – Both, local moves and interstate moves operate on different platforms.
The requirements of an interstate move are much more than undertaking a local move.
Check the license, permits, and trucks of the mover. Are they eligible for an interstate move?

Established House Movers Charge Exorbitantly – Quite opposite to this, established house movers enjoy the economies of scale and pass on the benefits to its customers in form of reduced prices.

All House Movers Provide Comprehensive Insurance Cover – No, they don’t.
Comprehensive transit insurance cover comes at a cost and established players will charge for it to pass on the benefits in case of damage.
In fact, one needs to understand the insurance clause beforehand.

All House Movers are Professional Packers and Trained Furniture Movers – While it is believed that house movers are professional packers and trained furniture movers too, it’s not the case.
House movers provide the services of loading, unloading and moving only. In case one needs to avail services of packers and movers and furniture removalists, talk it out prior to fixing the deal.

With the demand of such services increasing over the years, numerous players are trying their luck in the business.
But unfortunately, due to lack of awareness and knowledge clients get befooled by their false promises.
So, it’s important to carefully analyze and assess the services before entering into a deal.

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